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SAM's Curious Cars

SAM's Curious Cars

Race and play: Build and program your own cars and games.

  • 6 rechargeable SAM blocks
  • Play with the exclusive game app
  • Create projects on the SAM Space app
  • 1 car base and 1 controller
  • 5 car designs
  • 20+ starter projects
  • Easy wireless set-up
  • Fits LEGO®

'Toys that make Internet of Things as easy as Lego®.'

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What is SAM?

SAM is a smart construction kit. SAM blocks connect wirelessly to the SAM app. You create awesome inventions.

No wires,
no fuss.
Just serious fun.
Remote car that was built with SAM Blocks

Each SAM block has a specific skill. Buttons, lights, sensors, motors, and so much more. One block, a million possibilities.

They’re wirelessly activated – using Bluetooth - to move, illuminate or sound. Program patterns and behaviours using the intuitive SAM Space app, or build race cars right out of the box with the Curious Cars app. Simple ingenuity!

SAM Space app on a Mac, iPhone and iPad
iOS 8+ (Beta)

iOS 8+ (Beta)



Windows 8.1+

Windows 8.1+

That's it, that is SAM. Got it?


Kits come with easy wireless set-up and project guides to help you get started. Visit the shop to find which kit is best for you.

Get Inspired

Projects, games, inventions and hacks. Check out what you can build with SAM.

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