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Empower students with the endless possibilities of SAM.

Steam kit

The ultimate starter kit to bring SAM into your classroom.

Steam kit
  • Curriculum-based STEAM projects and lesson plans
  • Data capture, programming logic and more
  • SAM Space Education app tailored for teachers
  • 40+ SAM software blocks
  • Integrates with Lego®
  • Hands-on educator support
  • Easily adapts into homework

For groups of 2-6 students.

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"SAM is a great system for kids to build and be creative with STEAM."
Karen Fleming - Head of IT at Keble Prep School, UK
Computer Science, Science, Biology


Photosynthesis is the process whereby plants use sunlight to generate oxygen as a by-product. In this lesson, students will experiment with the intensity of light to determine the amount of oxygen generated.

Computer Science, Maths


Probability is the measurement of how likely it is for an event to occur. This lesson determines the logic behind comparing, judging and recording this.

Computer Science, Science, Maths, Art

SAM's Morse Code Torch

Morse code revolutionised long-distance communication prior to inventions such as the telephone and emails. This project on morse code is to get pupils thinking about how technology can be used to develop solutions and create codes.

Built by curriculum experts:
All lesson plans and supporting materials are created for educators, by educators.



SAM Labs Education is excited to announce our official partnership with Microsoft Education.

Steam kit
Steam logoSteam kit

SAM Space Education allows students to dive into programming logic, data capture and more. Simply drag, drop and connect to get started.

OS 10.9+

Trusted by educators

Trusted by educators

The SAM Space Education app is tailored for your education needs and is already trusted by teachers around the globe.

Simple to use

Simple to use

Wireless SAM blocks easily connect to the SAM Space Education app to eliminate extra setup time or fuss.

"SAM is a great system for kids to build and be creative with STEAM."
- Atlab, Science & Technology educational provider and trainer

SAM Support

Our SAMtastic support team will be on-hand to help you through every step of the way through full customer support. Simply email [email protected] or visit our FAQ.

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