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Crystal Xylophone

Familiar with Edward Kandinsky? Tap into your creative, artistic, musical and maths senses with a glass xylophone project. Using six SAM blocks, cardboard and water glasses, you're sure to put on a show in no time!

Made with SAM Blocks

Photo of the kit

You will need: Cardboard, Glasses, Scissors , Glue, Wooden stick, 1x Button, 4x LED Lights, 1 DC Motor, Small wheel (included in the Inventor kit).
  1. First, cut the cardboard to create the support for the DC Motor and the glasses.

    Project step
  2. Put the small wheel on the shaft of the SAM DC Motor, and place it in the cardboard support. Then, attach the wooden stick to the wheel.

    Project step
  3. Put some water in the glasses, remembering to add different water levels in each glass. Then, place them in a circle around the DC Motor so that the wooden stick would hit them as it swings around in a circle.

  4. Now, open SAM Space. Turn on the SAM DC Motor and the 4 LED Lights and drag them onto the canvas. Then program the Lights using Delay and Hold Soft SAMs to make each light illuminate when the stick hits each glass.

    Project step
  5. Tap into your creative, artistic, musical and math senses with a glass xylophone project.

    Project step