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SAM Smartwatch: The Ultimate Wearable

Forget your Fitbit or your Apple Watch, conquer the world with your super SAM Smartwatch! At SAM, we're revolutionising wearables. With only a SAM LED and SAM Tilt needed, you can tell time at the flick of a wrist - literally.

Made with SAM's Curious Kit

Photo of the kit

You will need: Friendship bracelet making materials, Spray paint, Modelling clay, SAM Tilt, SAM LED Light.
  1. Gather Your Materials

    Project step
  2. Next, you'll need to mold the clay into the shape of the two SAMs.

    Make sure it hugs them tightly so they don't fall out!

    Project step
  3. To make the watchband, you'll need to make the friendship bracelet.

    Use any pattern you like, but be sure to mind the gap between the bracelet and the watch face :)

    Project step
  4. Next, open SAM Space.

    Turn on and drag the SAM Tilt and SAM LED Light onto the screen.

    Drag on 2 Inverse blocks, a Hold, Switch, and Custom Code block.

    Connect the Tilt to 1 Inverse.

    Connect the Inverse to the Hold.

    The Hold to the second Inverse.

    And the Inverse to the Switch.

    Connect the Switch to the Custom Code block.

    And the Custom Code block to the LED Light.

    Finally, connect the tilt to the switch.

    Next, make sure that the Switch is set so that the Tilt block is the input.

    Lastly, copy and paste the following into the Custom Code block:

    "use strict";

    t = Date.call('now').match(/\w* \w* \w* \d* (\d+):(\d+)/);

    //Commend this line out

    //to save you project. un commend when you want to work with it again.

    var hours = parseInt(t[1], 10); //Hours

    if(hours>12){hours=hours-12;} //if above 12 hours, subtract 12

    var minutes = parseInt(t[2], 10); //Minutes

    var FIVEminutes = minutes / 5;

    if(Switch0 != 1)


    for(var e = 0; e < hours; e++)


    CM.sendTo("RGBLED0", [100,0,0], 500+(1000*e));

    CM.sendTo("RGBLED0",[0,0,0], 1000+(1000*e));


    for(var i = 0; i < FIVEminutes; i++)


    CM.sendTo("RGBLED0", [0,0,100], 500+(1000*i)+(1000*hours));

    CM.sendTo("RGBLED0",[0,0,0], 1000+(1000*i)+(1000*hours));



    Project step
  5. Once the clay has dried, you'll need to spray paint it so that it's a cool color.

    Then, fit your SAMs inside!

    Project step
  6. Tie the watch around your wrist and you've got a wearable!

    Project step