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SAM's Curious Cars Parking System

With two SAM DC Motors and LEGO, park your Curious Cars!

Made with SAM's Curious Kit

Photo of the kit

You will need: Lego technic set , Coloured paper, Wood platforms, Wood sticks , Hot glue, 1 Button, 2 DC Motors.
  1. First build the SAM's Curious Cars Lego parking system. 3D instructions are available at: http://pv-productions.com/product/lego-vertical-car-parking-system-sam-labs-curious/

    Project step
  2. Then, install each DC Motor on the appropriate place to lift and rotate the lever.

    Project step
  3. Once the lift is ready, design your parking ramp using wooden platforms and sticks

    Project step
  4. Decorate the parking ramp with coloured paper and anything else you'd like.

  5. Turn on all of the SAM Blocks.

    Project step
  6. Then, open the SAM Space App. Drag the Button and the 2 DC Motors into the canvas. Connect the Button to the Hold Soft SAM and this to the first DC Motor and a Toggle Soft SAM. Then, connect the Toggle to an Inverse Soft SAM and a Direction Soft SAM. This will control the lever to lift and rotate in both directions.

    Project step
  7. There you have it - your very own personalised parking system for your Curious Cars!

    Project step