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Rock On With a SAM Programmable Electric Guitar

Want to be a rock god? Learn how to make a DIY guitar. Forget $1,000 guitars or name brands like Fender or Yamaha. Play with CARDBOARD and SAM!

Made with SAM Blocks

Photo of the kit

You will need: 1 SAM slider, 3 SAM buttons or 3 SAM Pressure Sensors, Cardboard, Scissors, Pencil , Glue.
  1. Gather all of your materials

    Project step
  2. Trace or draw the body of the guitar

    Project step
  3. Cut it out

    Project step
  4. Next, attach your SAMs

  5. Attach the Pressure Sensors OR Buttons to the neck (If you’re using pressure sensors, be sure to fold the pressure part over the front of the guitar, with the base of the block at the back)

    Project step
  6. Tape the Slider to the base - to act as the strum

    Project step
  7. Switch on the blocks and connect them to the SAM Space app

  8. Once the blocks appear, drag them onto the canvas

  9. Drag the soft SAMs onto the canvas. You'll need 5 SoundPlayers and 5 Logic gates

  10. First, connect one slider and one pressure sensor to the first “and” logic gate and then the logic gate to the sound player.

  11. Connect the slider and the second pressure sensor to the second and logic gate and then connect to the sound player

  12. Connect the third pressure sensor in the same way and then connect the first pressure sensor and the second one to the 4th and logic gate and connect to the sound player and repeat with the 3rd and 4th pressure sensors, the last logic gate and sound player.

    Project step
  13. To put in your own guitar riffs, download any file in .wav format. Double click on the sound player to customise. Select the folder on the top left of the pop up to insert your downloaded file. When you select the folder where your file is saved, the contents of the folder will appear in the app.

  14. Rock on!!

    Project step