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Make an Upcycled Car with SAM!

Vroom! This project is to make a super simple remote controlled Jar Car, that can be controlled with your keyboard.

Made with SAM's Curious Kit

Photo of the kit

You will need: A jar , Double-sided tape, Wheels, 2 SAM DC Motors, 2 SAM LED Lights.
  1. Firstly, finish your jam, wash the jar and get ready to use it as the base of the car

    Project step
  2. Grab your SAMs: 2 LEDs and 2 DC Motors

  3. Make sure you've got some wheels that securely fit on the DC Motors

  4. Lastly, snag some double sided tape to ensure your lights will stay put and lit!

  5. Add the SAM LED lights to give the car some character using double sided tape

    Project step
  6. Next, use tape to attach SAM DC Motors and attach your wheels

  7. Open SAM Space and turn your SAM blocks on

    Project step
  8. Drag and drop the motors and LEDs on the canvas

  9. Drag 4 'Keyboard' elements on, in addition to 2 'Number' soft SAMs

  10. Connect 2 'Keyboard' elements to the numbers, and then the 'Numbers' to the DC Motors

  11. Connect another 'Keyboard' key just to the DC Motors and another just to the SAM Buttons

  12. Now play!